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Active Almeria

The excellent climate and weather conditions of Almeria have resulted in this area becoming a first class tourist destination for both the practice of sports and the hosting of all kinds of sporting events.


Whether it is in sports facilities, in nature's midst or outdoors, you can enjoy almost any sport in our province. In Almeria, you can enjoy golf, swimming, sailing, scuba diving, windsurfing, fishing, kayaking, hiking, tennis, paddle tennis, athletics, cycling, football, basketball, handball, volleyball, archery, horse riding, caving and much more.


The region's hundreds of kilometres of coastline and its different characteristics, types of wind and special conditions have turned Almeria into one of the most popular destinations for activities such as surfing, windsurfing and kitesurfing throughout the year.


Within the province, you will find places such as El Ejido and Roquetas. The beaches of these places make learning and practicing these sports easy.


Almeria's sports universe

Sport by the sea


If you would like to be kept up-to-date with the province's sporting events, consult this website:



Cultural traditions and activities


The traditions, legends and customs that have forged the history of Almeria are the protagonists of popular celebrations. The region's celebrations are a declaration of the culture of each people: in the case of Almeria, it has more than a hundred popular celebrations linked to religion and other elements including, water, fire, the land, animals and regional products.


With regard to fire festivals, the majority of celebrations in Almeria are accompanied by fire due to the pyrotechnical traditions and influence of the Levantines, stemming from repopulation and the mining era. The "Zorra" Festival stands out. This is a stunning fireworks display held in some areas of the province, including the regions of Andarax and Levante.


Fireworks occupy an important position in celebrations throughout Almeria. For example, a fireworks display held on the beach promenade acts as the closing event for the capital's August Fair. However, there is an even more spectacular display: Cristo de la Luz in Dalías. Numerous fireworks explode at this event in a spectacle of light, fire and sound.


Water and fire: central elements in traditions and celebrations


Traditions and customs in the rural world


See popular celebrations

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